Pack Leader Services

Virtual Training Package

Virtual training is a 4 session
package. Sessions are completed
via FaceTime or Zoom.

Puppy/dog selection Consultation

This service is designed to assist you in finding the pup that is perfectly compatible with you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Virtual Consult

FaceTime or Zoom call to assess what the needs and difficulty level are. Suggested exercises and behavioral advice are shaped and provided during the call.

Specialty Evaluation

Evaluations specific to
businesses and organizations.

Specialty Training Package

5 sessions. A fully tailored behavioral training package designed to assist the needs of businesses and organizations.

Remote Trainer
And Orientation

This session is dedicated learning the concepts/function of the remote trainer and how to practically partner the tool with the behavioral techniques.

About DFW
Pack Leader

DFW Pack Leader was founded by Ryan Benson in 20__. The start of Pack Leader could be described as non-traditional. Ryan got a puppy, Diego, that would lead him on an unexpected but rewarding journey. As you continue to learn from Ryan, you’ll hear more stories of his beginnings. Although Diego passed away in 2016, his memory lives on through DFW Pack Leader. Ryan developed into the person, husband, father, and behavioralist he is today largely due to one intelligent, energetic, and unruly pup. 

Our Mission

We are driven by a passion to establish harmony and strengthen the companionship between us and our dogs. Behavioral training educates and equips us with the ability to be a healthy leader, effectively communicate, and cultivate lasting companionship. It is through our healthy leadership and positive reinforcement, that we nurture within our dogs a want to follow and be free within the boundaries we define. You lead...They Want to Follow.

What people say about DFW Pack Leader

"The Real Dog Whisperer"

Ryan has been so helpful in teaching us how to effectively lead our dogs. We have noticed a huge difference in their behavior in a short amount of time and it has definitely been for the better! Highly recommend him, you will not regret it!
"Honest, passionate trainer"

Ryan came to our home for a consultation. He was filled with great knowledge and you can tell he is extremely passionate about his job. Unfortunately, our dogs behavior requires more than what Ryan is able to offer. He explained our other options and shared a story that is similar to ours and started tearing up as he shared his honest experience with his own dog with behavioral issues like ours. Although we weren’t able to get the results we hoped for, we got great advice.
"So helpful and knowledgeable"

Ryan is honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and so patient. He has taught us an unbelievable amount of information to make us better pack leaders. He focuses on our behavior and communication styles in order to make our lives more harmonious with our dog. Highly recommended!
"Top Dog"

Ryan has helped our family immensely. Not only has he done wonders with our daughter’s active, alpha pup, he has helped our 3 year old golden overcome her anxiety. The sessions are tailored to your individual needs where you are given tools to improve behavioral issues and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Ryan is truly vested in ensuring the best outcome for you and your dog. We are blessed to have Ryan’s nurturing guidance & consider him part of our family!
"Truly changed me and Margo’s Relationship Dynamic"

Let me start by saying Margo, my 1 year old golden retriever, was the head of my household since the day I took her home. I was skeptical that virtual training would be effective, but I am so glad I gave it a try! Through FaceTime, Ryan trained ME to become Rank 1, instead of being bossed around by my incredibly alpha dog every day. Ryan equipped me with the tools and confidence to become the “pack leader” of my house, and my alpha pup now shows me some respect!
"Mason and Jake"

Ryan was amazing! Very easy to understand and implement training tools, the dogs are already doing so much better.... Looking forward to the next session!
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Did You Know?

The most common behavioral concerns dog owners have are potty training, pulling on a leash, destructive behavior, separation anxiety, food obsession, and socialization issues

We Understand Where You're Coming From...

It can be exhausting, frustrating, and make you feel trapped when all you want to do is love on your pup, but they seem insistent on not listening and seemingly misbehaving on purpose. Pack Leader’s teachings provide practical solutions to not just “fix the bad behavior”, but to re-establish your leadership and cultivate the companionship you really want with your pup. It’s Pack Leader’s wholistic and practical approach to behavioral training that healthily changes our consistent miscommunication into consistent companionship.

You Should Know We're Not Your Ordinary Dog Trainers...

Why We're Different?

Pack Leader is not your traditional “dog training” business. We use a combination of communication disciplines such as body language, neuroscience, micro expressions, emotional intelligence and the Enneagram Personality Typing System, to clearly and efficiently communicate and lead our pups. 

How Are We Different?

We do not use typical tools such as treats and clickers to condition habits. Pack Leader’s process is behavioral training, rooted in positive reinforcement. Our first priority is to educate and equip you, then we pour that healthy leadership into your pup to shift their mindset and change behavior.

The Human Canine Crossover

There is no denying how much an impact having a pup in our lives has on us as humans. We are effected mentally, psychologically, emotionally, biochemically, physically, and spiritually. Studies show that having a companion animal adds roughly 10 years to our lives. Unfortunately, the opposite is true when the companionship between us and our pups is in disharmony. For 20 years, Pack Leader has seamlessly woven the canine condition in with the human condition. Purposefully combining these two conditions and demonstrating their connection has helped dog owners master behavioral training. The immense impact of mastering behavioral training routinely spread to other areas of our client’s lives.

Meet 1812 Solutions

In 2020, we took a step further to better serve our clients. Pack Leader LLC has partnered with 18:12 Solutions LLC to provide a harmonious transition from learning canine behavioral training to personal and professional development. 

About DFW Behavioral Academy

Understanding The Symbiotic Relationship Between Canines And Humans Can Give You The Opportunity To Have The Connection With Your Dog That You've Always Wanted.


Do you feel like there is a disconnect between you and your pup? Disconnection leads to a lack of harmony. This lack of harmony can present itself in a variety of ways: 
  •  Separation anxiety 
  • ​Non-obedience
  • ​Pulling on a leash
  • ​Chewing on household items
  • ​Going wild when the doorbell rings
  • ​Aggression
  • ​Begging for food
  • ​Running out of the front door

The list goes on. When we make the decision to get a dog, most of us are looking for companionship; whether that's in the form of a working partner, a best friend for our kids, a service animal, or the chance to experience the unconditional love and loyalty that only our four-legged friends can offer. Finding harmony gives us the opportunity to have the companionship we want.

Finding Harmony

My desire for companionship and Diego's need for a leader, created the foundation for DFW Pack Leader. Bridging the disconnect between the two of us allowed me to live the life I wanted to live with my pup. I want to share what I've learned with you in hopes of teaching you how to find harmony with your dog. 

As a behaviorist, I strive to give each of my clients the tools needed to become somewhat of behaviorists themselves. Teaching your dog to sit, stay, and come isn't solely my goal. I want to coach you enough to where you decide what you and your dog's preferred lifestyle and capabilities are.

What would your life look like if you could have the relationship you've always wanted with your pup?