Understanding the symbiotic relationship between canines and humans can give you the opportunity to have the connection with your dog that you've always wanted.


Do you feel like there is a disconnect between you and your pup? Disconnection leads to a lack of harmony. This lack of harmony can present itself in a variety of ways: 
  • Separation anxiety 
  • ​Non-obedience
  • Pulling on a leash
  • Chewing on household items
  • ​Going wild when the doorbell rings
  • ​Aggression
  • ​Begging for food
  • ​Running out of the front door
The list goes on. When we make the decision to get a dog, most of us are looking for companionship; whether that's in the form of a working partner, a best friend for our kids, a service animal, or the chance to experience the unconditional love and loyalty that only our four-legged friends can offer. Finding harmony gives us the opportunity to have the companionship we want.


My desire for companionship and Diego's need for a leader, created the foundation for DFW Pack Leader. Bridging the disconnect between the two of us allowed me to live the life I wanted to live with my pup. I want to share what I've learned with you in hopes of teaching you how to find harmony with your dog. 

As a behaviorist, I strive to give each of my clients the tools needed to become somewhat of behaviorists themselves. Teaching your dog to sit, stay, and come isn't solely my goal. I want to coach you enough to where you decide what you and your dog's preferred lifestyle and capabilities are.

What would your life look like if you could have the relationship you've always wanted with your pup? 


Informational videos discussing the canine condition and connecting it to the human condition
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Continuing Education

As you and your pup experience growth and change, you may have new questions or want more advice. This membership system was created with that in mind. We want to be a part of your journey no matter where you're starting or where you go. For example, if your dog is exhibiting behavioral problems, we can help. If your dog is not and you are seeking to deepen your companionship or challenge your pup, we can still help.




We offer a membership that includes weekly tips and the opportunity to have specific questions answered as they arise. This is a unique chance to communicate openly with dog behaviorist, Ryan Benson, long-term. 


Sign-up for the Pack Leader Behavioral Academy today and you'll receive our brand new Ebook, which is normally $47, absolutely FREE

The Ebook contains some of DFW Pack Leader's most vital formulas and principles. It also includes exercises to try with your pup!

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The Real Dog Whisperer
"Ryan has been so helpful in teaching us how to effectively lead our dogs. We have noticed a huge difference in their behavior in a short amount of time and it has definitely been for the better! Highly recommend him, you will not regret it!"
Great Info
"Ryan knows his stuff! Our puppy is busy and focused on our cat. He helped us to recognize her natural breed instincts and how to work with her for what we want. He is teaching us to be good leaders for her. Definitely recommend Ryan, as I often do in my veterinary practice. He has helped lots of our clients as well as our own personal dogs." 
Life Changing!
"I never imagined dog training to be so pivotal in our lives, but that’s what it’s been. Ryan comes in and does much more than just giving us tools to train our dog. He has helped us become more self aware which has positively impacted our marriage and children. Our first training session with our German Shepherd puppy revealed hard news. We implemented and processed everything Ryan taught us, and by his 3rd session there was already huge improvements. All around, our family has benefited greatly" 
Literally positively life changing (120/10 DO recommend)
"Since beginning our path with DFW Pack Leader, both Benji and my life has changed in SO many positive ways. Ryan has been whole heartedly honest, supportive, and has only lifted me up throughout our journey so far. Training with Ryan is fully comprehensive - meaning you may come for training for your dog, but you will receive much MUCH more than that. I literally cannot recommend DFW Pack Leader enough. If you need help, Ryan is your man. You will not regret." 
Highly Recommend
"Ryan is extremely knowledgeable in his training with a dogs behavior. He helped us when we adopted a very skittish Australian Shepherd. Our dog Charlie would run at the sight of any person and with Ryan's help and our hard work, he has turned into a fantastic dog." 
Thank you
"Thank you Ryan. Ryder has come a long way and we are very happy with what you have our family. I really appreciate your taking a kid friendly approach with our kiddo. We all learned to command Ryder and achieved the goals we set in our evaluation. Thanks again." 
Great Job!
"When our newest fur family member joined She was having some issues fitting in and was acting out. It was behaviors I had never seem before with our other dogs, so we asked Ryan for help. There were some immediate positive changes and then when she started resisting some of the training, which was typical for her stubborn cattledog/terrier/pitbill breed, Ryan was able to offer a different strategy that worked better for her! She is a much happier and healthier dog!" 
Awesome experience
"Ryan did an outstanding job with my fur baby. From the very first day, I was beyond convinced that I wanted to sign up for his behavioral training services. As a result Zoe and I are very happy; I understand her language better and am better to equip to. lead her in the way that she deserves. 5 Stars! Thank you!" 
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